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Online Retail Faces Big Problems with Returns

Online retail seems to face a litany of problems. A very prominent one among them is the return of goods. To put it simply, returns are disproportionally common with online shoppers. In fact, it’s so disproportionate that it’s really costing the online retailers and it is starting to bear down on profits. While sales themselves […]

What Shapes Customer Service Experience?

The answer is very simple: everything shapes the customer service experience! This includes not only traditional and “obvious” examples like a call center or email support, but also the in-store and online experience. It encompasses everything about a brand and its interactions. Something as simple as an associates friendly disposition can drastically change the experience a […]

Consumer Behavior Is Changing the Landscape of Retail

Consumer Behavior is Evolving There has been a fundamental shift in consumer behavior in regards to how products and services are consumed. It’s easy to point fingers and blame technology for the downsizing of retail, but there are a number of other factors which are responsible for this transformation. Time Constraints In today’s world, we […]

Millennial Women Tell Retailers How to Improve the Shopping Experience

The twenty-first century has had a significant impact on the way people shop, especially when it comes to clothing and accessories. This leaves retailers asking more questions about how they can improve the shopping experience, often without concrete answers. At Alert Tech, we recently hired a retail technologist to answer many of the pressing questions […]

Four Things Retailers Can Do to “Keep up” with Changing Consumer Preferences

How people shop, research, and buy products is changing faster now than ever before. In order for retailers to survive and scale during these tumultuous times they need to revisit their overall strategy and see if it is aligning with the consumer preferences of the twenty-first century. These are four things retailers can do to […]

“Slow No” Is Quickly Killing Retail

I recently came across an article titled “Retail Reframe: Death by ‘Slow No’” written by retail speaker and strategist Carol Spieckerman. In the post, Spieckerman delves into the uncomfortable truth many retail technology and solutions partners face today: due to retailer indecisiveness they are indirectly (or in some cases, directly) being told “no” over the […]

How Retailers Are Answering the Age of Consumer-Driven Retail

The retail landscape today looks quite different than it did a decade ago. How customers are making purchasing decisions and buying items has changed significantly. Customers will often be physically present in a store, yet still consult their smartphone to complete the buying decision. They will read product reviews, compare pricing, take pictures, and sometimes even purchase the product […]