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What Happens After an Alert Tech Pilot?

The Three Crucial Steps to Take After a Pilot Project Ends After a pilot project is complete, how do you evaluate success or failure. How do you know if your investment of time and money was worthwhile? We will of course be analyzing much of the data along the way in order to adjust course, but […]

Can a Fitting Room System Really Boost the Bottom Line?

Increasing store revenues is a challenge you can approach from any number of perspectives. How can you adjust operations to increase revenue? One answer is a targeted customer service process that supports the customer purchase journey. But how can you prove that such a process has an impact on revenue? What metrics will actually show a link from the changes to increased revenues? […]

How Much Time Do Your Customers Spend in the Fitting Room? (& Why Should You Care?)

Wouldn’t it be great if your associates could take a peek into your fitting rooms? The try-on is crucial to the buying decision, which is one reason fitting rooms are so important to retailers’ financial health. If associates could – at a glance – see which customers need service, they could provide support when most needed in the purchase process. And yet, for obvious customer privacy reasons, […]

How Long Should You Run Your Pilot Programs?

When we talk with a retailer who is considering an Alert Tech pilot program, one of the questions that inevitably comes up is, “What is the recommended length of the program?” Obviously, you want to wrap up the pilot program in a reasonable amount of time, and there needs to be an endpoint so that it’s […]

Why is the Fitting Room so Important in Retail Analytics?

Relatively speaking, the fitting room is one of the smallest areas of any retail store. These unobtrusive rooms are often tucked away in the back, and as a retailer, you could easily forget all about them. That is, until you understand the importance of this small-but-mighty area of the store. For example, did you know […]

5 Brilliant Ways to Use the Cloud on the Sales Floor

When it comes to retail success, the sales floor has always played a pivotal role. This hasn’t changed, but the sales floor itself has transformed dramatically since the rise of the digital age. Using new technologies, retailers can now use software to track data, and real-time analytics to maximize sales. Here are 5 brilliant ways cloud-based systems create a more efficient sales floor.

Boost Sales with These Amazing Fitting Room Insights

As every major retailer knows, there are significant performance variations between locations. What few are able to explain, however, is exactly what factors explain the differences between low and high performing stores, and what levers they should be able to pull to increase store performance. If you want to boost sales and delight customers, start by […]

Why You Can’t Rely on Sales as Your Payroll Driver

Sales have long been the driving force in determining payroll.  However, if retailers want to stay competitive, that must evolve. Rising wages and increased digitalization create increased margin pressure, which means payroll optimization becomes less of a differentiator and more of a must-have. What this means is: If you’re not looking beyond store sales when allocating payroll, you’re […]