Here’s Why Larger Department Stores Are Struggling to Keep Their Doors Open

News shows department stores closing often.

Learn why some are closing and how some adapt to keep their doors open.

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How the Cloud is Changing the Retail Landscape

You may not be aware how the cloud affects you as a retailer.

There is a vast quantity of data available to help retailers make informed business decisions. However, the majority of brands do not collect useful data, let alone understand how to make best use of that data.

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Keeping Your Retail Data Secure During a Test Pilot

The thought of a security breach of your store’s data is frightening. At Alert Tech, we go to great lengths to protect your data.

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5 Brilliant Ways to Use the Cloud on the Sales Floor

When it comes to retail success, the sales floor has always played a pivotal role. This hasn’t changed, but the sales floor itself has transformed dramatically since the rise of the digital age. Using new technologies, retailers can now use software to track data, and real-time analytics to maximize salesHere are 5 brilliant ways cloud-based systems create a more efficient sales floor.

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How to Improve Retail Performance with Powerful Data

Quick question – what’s the difference between your high-volume and low-volume stores?

If you can’t come up with a quick answer, you’re not alone. Granted, there are a lot of differences between stores that make it hard to quickly compare performance. Some stores are newer and others due for upgrades. And some are in locations with higher traffic than others. But these factors don’t tell the whole story, and they aren’t straightforward differentiators that you can quickly adjust to increase store revenues.

What’s missing?

Let’s take a look at some key metrics that you can use to not only analyze but also improve performance.

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