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A Customized Experience with Sense

In-store alerting system that provides unparalleled service without costly personnel overhead. Available with API to Radio, Datapult data backend.

Multi-Industry care

A flexible solution to fit any service environment

Alert Tech has brought together scientifically proven Far UVC and our best in class Sense System to quantifiably and automatically sanitize in-person experiences across your entire brand footprint.

The perfect pair for your health and wellness
Alert Tech has partnered with the very best in the Far-UVC (222nm) lighting to reduce contagions like Sars-Cov-2, Influenza, and more on surfaces and in the air by up to 99.9%.

What we do

A connected, frictionless system for every touch-point

Alert Tech has a full stack of hardware, software, and product designers to work hand in hand to create exceptional customer experiences, systematize cleaning, and deliver data to prove it all. 

Accountable sanitization for your fitting rooms, break rooms, and other areas of the store

Parking lot and curbside pickup, even in malls, without the remote infrastructure

Call buttons and occupancy sensing alleviate low-staff pain points

Seamless brand integration with customizable components

Multi-Industry care

30 years of expertise in customer experience design

We will listen to your needs and pull from our experience and existing technology to make you a success.


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