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Enhancing customer experience and boosting sales for 30 years.

Alert Tech has deep experience with retail and customer service solution development and deployment. We are proud of our 15+ year relationships with top tier global retailers and as an ODM for Motorola Solutions.

Success through

Alert Tech has a deep tool set of technologies, software, and behaviors that can transform your “what if” into the next generation of experiences in your locations. 

Full stack solutions

Alert Tech has a full stack of hardware, software, and product designers to work hand in hand with our full scale ISO9001:2015 production team to make your systems work for you.

Service and Support

24/7 on-call service and phone support that fully integrate with your help desk.

Rapid Deployment

Designed and manufactured in-house in Houston, TX we can take your ideas from on-boarding to in-store in as little as 8 weeks. 

Marge Laney

Marge Laney is recognized globally as the retail industry’s leading authority on apparel fitting rooms. She is the CEO of Alert Tech, providing fitting room technology for major retailers to increase sales where the buying decision happens – inside the fitting room. She is a published author and an expert advisor/member of the Brain Trust for, the industry’s premier online discussion forum.

As a retail consultant to the biggest retailers in the world since 1990, she understands fitting rooms from the inside out. She truly understands just how important the customer experience is, which was most recently demonstrated by her response to the pandemic with the conceptualization and development of Sense Clean – our state of the art Far-UVC sanitizing solution. She is an Army veteran and self-described “Jersey girl” who makes her home in Houston, Texas.

Complete experience coverage

Alert Tech provides a comprehensive technology infrastructure, with true end-to-end service.

From installation to implementation to future improvements and ingenuities, we have proven our capacity to scale.


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