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Wireless call buttons with custom local and radio alerting to make sure your customers are helped when and where they need it.

A convenient and cost efficient customer service system

Time is valuable and customers don’t want to wait around or search the store for someone to help them. Our Datapack wireless call buttons allow customers to call for assistance as soon as they need it.

With Datapack in place, you will gain flexibilty in staffing tasks while still providing excellent customer service.

Provide Service Where & When It’s Needed

Service on Call

Guests won’t have to search for someone to help them. A simple press of a button will bring help to them when they need it.

Protect Inventory

Call buttons quickly notify associates help is needed at locked cases, preventing impatient walkoffs

Track Performance

All activity data is collected allowing for frequent review and improvement measures.

What we measure

Alert Technologies captures customer signals in each fitting room to increase fitting room performance and improve customer service

Number of Calls

How often is the customer requesting assistance?

Sales are heavily influenced by a number of factors. Call button data offers valuable insight into when and where customers are requesting assistance. This data can be used to identify customer buying behaviors and inform future management strategies to increase sales.
Length of Calls

What is the average customer wait before being assisted?

The longer a customer waits for assistance the more likely they are to walk off. Establish service response targets and develop strategies to keep your customers happy.
Increased Sales

Will adding call buttons to locked cases increase sales?

Customers who initiate calls for service are saying “Help me buy something!”. Customizable signage within the call buttons invites the customer to use them which improves sales.
Response Time

How does staff response time to service request impact sales and customer loyalty?

It’s all about trust! Answer calls quickly, get them what they need, and make a customer forever!

DataPack assists your sales floor

Once you have the DataPack in place you can add additional functionality via Datapult.