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Sense Clean

The operating system for retail, hospitality, and office environments. Far-UVC sanitization lighting, customizable call buttons, and occupancy displays, improve safety and security in any environment.

A cutting edge sanitization solution that doesn’t cut corners

Human health and safety has never been more important and the world is rapidly evolving to adjust. We believe that the solutions pioneered today are the foundation on which the future is built. That foundation needs to be legitimate, and provable, which is why we have partnered with Healthē to create Sense Clean, the Far-UVC sanitization system ready for your fitting rooms, spa, or services suites. 

With Sense Clean in place, you will offer a safer shopping experience to your customers and increase brand loyalty.

Far-UVC Light Safely Kills Airborne Coronaviruses

A type of ultraviolet light called far-UVC—which is safe to use around people—kills more than 99.9% of surface and airborne coronaviruses and  bacteria a new study at Columbia has found.

Occupancy tracking

Associates won’t need to knock on doors or risk walking in on an undressed customer

Display active calls

All active calls display on the monitor so sales associates will know who needs attention and what room they are in

Service on Call

Guests won’t have to
re-dress to find the right size. Instead, sales associates will be engaged with customers doing what they do best – selling

What we measure

Alert Technologies captures customer signals in each area to give insights on usage and service response.

  • How many people were in an area
  • How long they stayed
  • How many people needed assistance
  • How long did it take for them to be helped
  • How many times was the area cleaned to Log1, Log2, Log3 standard.
Fitting Room Visits

What % of door traffic visits the fitting rooms?

Fitting room customers are more than 70% likely to buy and are the most receptive to up-sell and cross-selling. Establish the % of total traffic you want to visit your fitting rooms and develop strategies to drive shoppers to the fitting rooms and maximize service to this most important traffic segment.
Continuous Sanitization

How do I keep my environment safe and clean without constant attention?

Sense Clean is a sustainable and automated system for keeping your environment clean. With one low voltage wire run to every light location, we reduce or remove the need for labor intensive cleaning with caustic chemicals by providing a safe and effective 222nm light that deactivates pathogens. 

Customer Calls

Call buttons deliver service when it's needed, even with reduced staff.

Customers who initiate calls for service in your stores are saying “Help me buy something!” Customers who use a call button buy almost three times the amount of customers who browse. Customizing the call button and on-brand marketing encourages the customer to connect.

Response Time

How does staff response time to service request impact sales and customer loyalty?

It’s all about trust. Answer calls quickly, bring them what they request, and build real loyalty.

Sense Clean sanitizes your environment

Once you have the Sense Clean™️ System in place, you can add additional functionality via Datapult™️.