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a customized experience


The operating system for the the brick and mortar apparel retailer. Offer customized call buttons, display occupance, improve customer experience.

A customized system that blends into your brand

Technology in your stores has to speak to your brand in every way. Every one of our system interfaces is meticulously customized at no additional cost. Whether it’s made of wood, stained metal, or cloth – your brand designers lead the conversation.

With Sense in place, you will gain valuable insights into shopper behaviors and increase conversions in the fitting room.

Make sense of your fitting rooms

Occupancy tracking

Associates won’t need to knock on doors or risk walking in on an undressed customer

Display active calls

All active calls display on the monitor so sales associates will know who needs attention and what room they are in

Service on Call

Guests won’t have to re-dress to find the right size. Instead, sales associates will be engaged with customers doing what they do best – selling

What we measure

Alert Technologies captures customer signals in each fitting room to increase fitting room performance and improve customer service

What % of door traffic visits the fitting rooms?

Fitting Room Visits

Fitting room customers are more than 70% likely to buy and are the most receptive to up-sell and cross-selling. Establish the % of total traffic you want to visit your fitting rooms and develop strategies to drive shoppers to the fitting rooms and maximize service to this most important traffic segment.

Occupancy Duration

How does the length of each fitting room visit affect sales?

The longer a properly serviced customer stays in the fitting room, the more they will buy. Industry average is between 5 and 8 minutes for optimum results. Establish visit load targets and develop strategies to keep the customers in the fitting room with great service and selling!
Customer Calls

What % of door traffic visits the fitting rooms?

Customers who initiate calls for service from the fitting room are saying “Help me buy something!” Customers who use the call button buy almost three times the amount of customers who browse. Introducing the call button and inviting the customer to use it builds trust, loyalty, and sales!

Response Time

How does the length of each fitting room visit affect sales?

It’s all about trust! Answer calls quickly, bring them what they request and more, and make a friend forever!

Sense unlocks your fitting room

Once you have the Sense System in place, you can add additional functionality via Room Valet and Datapult.