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February 16, 2015

How Shoppers Purchase Apparel: Understanding the Customer Journey

For you to understand the retail experience of your customer, you need to look at the process through their eyes. While shopping, the customer navigates through three very distinct zones: The Engagement Zone, The Decision Zone, and the Disengagement Zone.

How can you successfully engage your customer, help her to decide on a choice or choices from the sales floor, and then move her quickly and efficiently through the fitting room and out of the store?

If you can fulfill your customer’s needs and desires, you will establish customer loyalty. If your customer has an outstanding retail experience, then you’ll have a repeat customer again and again.

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7 Retail Predictions for 2015

Each new year brings new retail trends, which change the way companies do business. In these retail predictions, we look at emerging trends and technologies that we expect will be most significant in 2015. You’ll discover how each trend will affect the customer experience and get insights on how retailers can improve their customers’ shopping journeys.

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