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June 30, 2015

America’s Top 10 Brick & Mortar Apparel Stores

With the allure of eCommerce, brick and mortar stores can seem less relevant. But – particularly when it comes to apparel – physical stores remain incredibly relevant. Consider too that America’s top apparel stores all have a strong brick and mortar presence.

The Online Revolution

Traditional stores no longer define retail. Apparel retailers now flourish online, with customers flocking daily to the web to browse and price shop. The eCommerce trend continues to grow, with analytics firm comScore reporting a staggering $53.3 billion worth of sales in November and December of 2014 alone.

Why then do brick and mortar stores remain viable options for retailers?

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retail technology solutions

2 Retail Technology Solutions That Improve ROI

What areas of your store are your customers drawn to? How long do customers spend in each area of your store? How does your store layout, product selection, and staffing affect sales revenue?

Do you know the answers to these questions? If your response is no, do you know how to get the answers?

Two of the potential retail technology solutions you need to investigate are heat map technology and full path analysis. 

A heat map will provide you with a detailed understanding of traffic throughout the store. Knowing how customers navigate the store, what products draw attention, which areas tend to be the most frequently visited, and which departments are cross-shopped, can reveal where to focus marketing efforts and design concepts.

When it comes to B2C advertising and marketing, the behavior of your customers is one of the most important factors to consider when your aim is to optimize and improve your sales. Ines Gregoria, Decibal Insight

Full path analysis helps retailers analyze the overall shopping trip by providing a detailed understanding of the customer’s entire experience. This helps determine how each store’s layout, staff interaction, product selection, and pricing affects overall sales.

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