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5 Things You Need to Know About Beacons Technology

If you want to stay competitive in the retail apparel industry, you have to embrace new retail technology—especially technology that syncs the mobile and in-store experience for your customers.

Some companies have been slow to introduce mobile-friendly technology into their stores for fear of hurting the retail experience. Many big box retailers have made the switch in 2015, however, because they’ve found that sophisticated mobile technology can lead to:

  • Greater brand visibility
  • Increased customer engagement
  • More foot traffic and sales in brick and mortar.

One of the most advanced forms of mobile-friendly technology to hit the market in recent years is beacon technology.

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Keyboard to the Car: Buying Online, Picking-Up in the Store

Has your clothing company recently launched a Buy Online, Pickup in Store policy? Has this idea proven itself to be an inspiration or an impediment?

Buy Online, Pickup In-Store: The BOPIS Strategy

It is such a simple idea: sync inventories to networks and search engines, provide consumers with virtual shopping carts and then let them reap the rewards of online shopping and in-store pickups.

Convenience serves as the cornerstone of this next-generation marketing.

The Buy Online, Pickup In-Store (BOPIS) strategy promises to be the salvation of retailers – and with good reason. It delivers undeniable value to customers, and this translates to stronger sales and improved relationships.

Despite the appeal of next-day delivery, the physical store still bests the online model by delivering what consumers value above all else — instant ownership – Lee Peterson, executive vice president of Brand, Strategy & Design at WD Partners.

Nothing is perfect, however, and BOPIS is no exception. Challenges counter every advantage, forcing companies to examine thoroughly whether this tactic should be implemented or ignored. Let’s find out!

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How to Improve Sales With In-Store Analytics

It’s no secret that online retailers have almost universally adopted the practice of using analytics to improve sales. When you can track a customer from the moment they hit the landing page all the way through to the end of their purchase, why wouldn’t you?

Comparable versions of the sophisticated analytics used by online stores are also available to brick and mortar retailers. They’re just not used anywhere near as much as they are online.

If you knew you could improve sales through the use of in-store analytics, would you implement a few new tools to measure what’s going on in the store? Of course you would!

In case you need a little convincing, here are just a few of the ways in-store analytics can help increase sales.

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5 Tested Best Practices for Retail Analytics

You know you can’t make guesses when it comes to your customers, just as you can’t guess what type of apparel is in fashion for the current season. When you’re in the retail industry, everything needs to be calculated carefully to maximize your units per transaction, average dollar sales and improve your brand identity among your potential buyers and existing customers.

An effective retail analytics campaign can:

  • reveal the problems your customers are facing
  • uncover the concerns your store associates are facing
  • accurately analyze the behavior of your consumers
  • use the data generated to help increase brand awareness, as well as customer loyalty and retention rates.

If you’re searching for the ingredients required for an effective retail analytics campaign, check out the following five best practices.

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5 Amazing Uses of People Counting

There’s a popular saying in the business community:

What gets measured, gets done.

It’s as true for stock performance as it is for an in-store promotion. It’s also one area where online retailers currently have an edge over their brick and mortar competitors. Online, it’s easy to track every step of a consumer’s shopping trip, from the landing page right through to the payment.

Can you replicate the sophisticated metrics used on the web to increase sales in the store? Absolutely! It all comes down to people counting.

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retail conversion

How to Get Customers to the Highest Converting Part of Your Store

Often neglected as shopkeepers look at the big picture for their brick and mortar stores, fitting rooms represent one of the biggest opportunities for retailers to increase retail conversions and drive up sales. The fitting room is where shoppers make their final buying decisions, a factor that makes it more important than ever for shop owners to take special care of how their fitting rooms are organized, cared for, and managed by associates.

It’s crucial to ensure that the fitting room experience is as convenient, comfortable, and exciting for shoppers as the rest of their shopping experience. However, before retailers can even begin to think about providing a quality fitting room experience, they must take into consideration what it takes to get customers into the highest converting part of the store.

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retail upselling - increase the value of every sale

Retail Upselling and Cross-Selling: How to Increase the Value of Every Sale

If you work in retail, you may be well aware of the importance of steering shoppers to the fitting room soon after they have entered the store. There’s an excellent reason for that – customers make the final purchase decision on an apparel purchase in the fitting room. And that’s just for the items that caught their eye from the window.

Once a customer is in the fitting room, they are a captive audience. However, it’s important to make sure they don’t feel trapped. There’s a fine line between attentive and annoying, and sales associates must learn how to stay well back of that line.

The most successful retailers take advantage of a customer’s time in the fitting room by encouraging them to turn that purchase of a single item into a larger sale. How exactly do they do that? Through the fine art of upselling and cross-selling!

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How to Increase Retail Apparel Conversion: Turning Shoppers Into Customers

It’s a familiar scene in any retail apparel store: A potential customer walks through the door or into a department, perhaps because a display item caught their eye, or maybe as a result of online research they completed before coming to the store. They look more closely at the item, check the price, and then start looking for their size. The sales associate approaches and asks, “Can I help you find anything?

This is just one of the many opportunities to encourage the try-on. At that moment, the sales associate will hear either “No thanks, I’m just looking.” or “Yes, do you have this shirt in a medium?” By getting them in the door you are ahead of the game; however, there are many more chances for that shopper to walk away empty-handed.

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But you already knew that, didn’t you? To drive sales, we need to answer these questions:

  • How can we convert that prospect from someone who is “just looking” into a paying customer?
  • What strategies do successful, top-tier retailers employ to keep prospects in the store until they make a final purchase decision?

In most cases, a relatively serious sales floor shopper will find their size and head for the fitting room to see how that medium-sized shirt fits them.

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