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How to Incorporate Technology Into Your Queue Management Plan

Take a look around. No matter whether you’re in a coffee shop or clothing store, people are using technology to stay connected. It’s proliferated our personal lives. Has your retail store kept up, or are you operating in the dark ages?

If your store isn’t using the type of technology you should be, you could be missing out on some big time sales.

Technology streamlines the shopping process. From trying on clothes to making a purchase, technology is used to not only ease, but also encourage the transaction. It takes a load off your employee’s shoulders and brings your business into the modern consumer’s world.

Here are three types of technology you might want to incorporate in your store to make your queues run smoother and move faster.

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Top 3 Risks of Failing to Invest in Queue Management

In your store, it’s your customer against the line. When your buyer walks in, the first thing she notices is how long she’s going to have to wait for a fitting room or to check out. If you’re plagued with long queues, you’re losing sales.

The sales are not a temporary sales loss either. Long queues have a long-term impact.

Letting lengthy queues perpetuate in your stores can do serious damage to your brand.

  • Your customers will continually think of your store as providing poor customer service;
  • Your associates will feel stressed, causing them to act more rushed and provide a poorer level of customer service;
  • You will have a higher abandonment or walk off rate;
  • Your brand perception in the market will take a blow;
  • You’ll have fewer loyal customers;
  • Your word-of-mouth marketing will suffer.

When you ignore your long queues and hope they’ll disappear on their own (they won’t) you face 3 major queue management risks.

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Retailers: Learn From the Houston Airport How to Lower Wait Times

You’ve likely heard the phrase, “perception is reality.” When it comes to wait times, no truer words have ever been spoken. One organization that knows this is the Houston International Airport. For years, the airport received complaints from travelers about the long wait times. After their flight, they hated having to stand around waiting for their luggage. The airport hired more personnel and improved their wait times, but the complaints kept coming in. No matter what the airport did, travelers hated waiting for their luggage to arrive after a long travel day. Over 85% of their time in the airport was spent at the carousels waiting for their luggage to arrive. Read More »Retailers: Learn From the Houston Airport How to Lower Wait Times

shopping habits of women

What Women Really Want When Shopping for Clothes

Alert Tech recently hired a retail technologist to perform an informal survey of two dozen women between 19 and 33. The goal of this study was to get inside the female buyer’s mind and understand how women shop.

The results were quite telling. After learning about shopping habits and retail preferences, the findings gave retailers a lot of significant data to use in their store.

Here are some of the most compelling findings from the survey.

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retail queue management and happy customers

Happy Customers in Line – 4 Easy Retail Queue Management Tips

How are you managing the time customers spend in line?

Do you know that you should probably do something about it, but are not necessarily convinced that your lines are a big problem?

Well, you’d be wrong!

It’s easy to say that nobody likes to wait in line, but some will argue it’s just a fact of life. However, many customers cite poor queue management as the death knell for a prospective purchase. In fact, 75% of retailers will lose a sale because of wait related issues.

What’s worse is that a customer who walked out empty-handed is probably never coming back, and they will talk about their experience to anyone who will listen.

It’s a shame to see the time and money retailers have invested in improving customer engagement wasted because of frustration in the final moments of a transaction. Efficient queue management doesn’t mean overhauling the design of the store. There are simple, effective strategies that can be implemented right now!

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