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How to Avoid the Dreaded Re-dress

It’s no secret that the fitting room is the single most important area of any successful retail apparel business. Customers can visit your website, follow you on social media platforms and browse your stores all day long, but unless they make routine visits to your fitting room to try on clothes, they will never contribute significantly to the revenue of your company.

Over the years our company has worked extremely hard to create technology that drives in-store traffic for retailers, gets customers off the sales floor and into the fitting room, tracks important fitting room metrics, and perhaps most importantly—improves the fitting room experience of each and every customer.

We’ve used various analytic tools to help retailers better manage the fitting room experience of their customers, but one of the most effective ways we’ve found is through the installation of fitting room call buttons.

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What Kind of Customer Uses a Call Button?

There are a number of pieces of technology that Alert Tech provides. One of them is fitting room call buttons.

Sometimes when I am talking with a retailer about these call buttons, they say something along the lines of, “That might work for other retailers, but our customers wouldn’t use call buttons.

So I’d like to set the record straight on the type of customer that uses a fitting room call button. In order to do so, I need to start with what goes on in the fitting room.

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