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retail queue management and happy customers

Happy Customers in Line – 4 Easy Retail Queue Management Tips

How are you managing the time customers spend in line?

Do you know that you should probably do something about it, but are not necessarily convinced that your lines are a big problem?

Well, you’d be wrong!

It’s easy to say that nobody likes to wait in line, but some will argue it’s just a fact of life. However, many customers cite poor queue management as the death knell for a prospective purchase. In fact, 75% of retailers will lose a sale because of wait related issues.

What’s worse is that a customer who walked out empty-handed is probably never coming back, and they will talk about their experience to anyone who will listen.

It’s a shame to see the time and money retailers have invested in improving customer engagement wasted because of frustration in the final moments of a transaction. Efficient queue management doesn’t mean overhauling the design of the store. There are simple, effective strategies that can be implemented right now!

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