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How to Collect Data with Fitting Room Technology

At Alert Tech, we get a number of frequently asked questions about our fitting room technology. Two of the most common questions are:

  1. What is your system used for?
  2. How can it make my retail store more effective at providing a stellar customer experience?

I’ll break down the answer to the first question into the main hardware components:

  • fitting room occupancy sensors give retailers insight into an area where you can’t install cameras
  • call buttons allow shoppers to request sales assistance when they are already in the fitting room (Of course, there’s a lot more to it than that. You can read more about what kinds of customers use call buttons and why fitting room call buttons boost sales.)
  • most retailers use iOS devices to control the fitting room situation (for instance, our app can be used to reserve fitting rooms, add customer names, and store important item information)

However, our fitting room technology provides more than just a means for better customer service. Our system also collects data that can be helpful to retailers. What types of data can our system record, and how can your store benefit from it? Read on to learn more.

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How to Avoid Designing a Dressing Room That Makes People Look Fat

As the owner or operator of a clothing retail store, the moment where a customer heads off to the fitting room with a selection of different items is an incredibly promising one. If a person likes a piece of clothing enough to go try it on, that means they are very seriously considering a purchase. However, it also means that what happens in the fitting room can make or break a sale for your store, and too often, what happens in the fitting room isn’t something the customer likes.

I’m talking about the way that a fitting room—between lighting, room color, room size, and mirror quality—can make a huge difference in how a person looks in the garments they are trying on. A recent Buzzfeed article and photo essay called “Here Is What The Same Person Looks Like In Dressing Rooms For 20 Different Stores” showed, with fascinating photographic detail, just how different a person wearing the same clothes can look under the conditions of various different retail store dressing rooms. The piece is a must-read for any clothing retail store owner.

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