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How to Make Sense of The Fitting Room Experience

Fitting room analytics

Trying to redefine your sales? Searching for ways to strengthen your brand? Have you peeked into your fitting rooms lately?

Fitting Room Analytics Provide Crucial Insights

Tucked in the corner of your company is a series of tiny rooms. There, customers haul in endless trousers, tops, and accessories – all with the hopes of finding the perfect styles for the perfect prices.

Fitting rooms promise more than designer labels and wardrobe upgrades, though. They also provide crucial insights into your brand’s sales authority and customer appeal. Therefore, capturing fitting room analytics and studying them is essential. There are five key data points that fitting rooms offer. Let’s examine them now

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1) Fitting Rooms = Sales Succes

Considering converting those dressing rooms into storage spaces? Think again. According to Bob Phibbs – founder of the Retail Doctor, an international consulting firm that specializes in market strategies and consumer data – these rooms are essential for generating sales:

  • Shoppers who use fitting rooms are 71% more likely to buy products compared to those who simply browse the sales floor.

  • Shoppers who use fitting rooms purchase approximately two times more items than those who don’t.

These statistics highlight a clear correlation between fitting rooms and quarterly profits, with companies who implement fitting rooms able to generate stronger sales.

2) The Customer Connection

Social marketing and email campaigns deliver undeniable results. Those wishing to further improve their branding efforts, however, must consider fitting rooms. Fitting rooms boast real-world connections, with attendants able to communicate directly with consumers.

This, as Bob Phibbs once again explains, proves important:

  • Shoppers assisted by sales team members while using fitting rooms will purchase nearly twice the amount of products of those who were unassisted.

  • Shoppers assisted by sales team members while using fitting rooms will purchase approximately four times more products than those who never use the rooms.

Superior assistance enhances the customer experience and translates into sales.

3) The Lost Rewards Opportunity

Loyalty programs promise improved sales and increased traffic. Too often, however, do their results stumble into a series of missed chances and neglected memberships:

  • There are approximately 3.3 billion loyalty program memberships in the United States alone. However, 58% of these memberships are inactive. (Colloquy)
  • The average consumer enrolls in approximately 10 loyalty programs but is only active in 7. (Bond)
  • 44% of users ignore loyalty programs due to a lack of value. (Cap Gemini)
  • 17% of users ignore loyalty programs due to a lack of customer service. (Cap Gemini)

Fitting rooms provide new ways to promote loyalty programs, engaging directly with consumers and linking discounts with exceptional in-store service. This strengthens each brand’s overall relevance and counters any negative sentiments clients might have.

4) The Patience Limitation

Patience is a virtue – and it’s one shared by few consumers. Waiting in line sours the shopping experience and takes an immediate toll on both sales and brand reception.

Use Fitting room Analytics to determine wait times

According to The New York Times, individuals overestimate their wait-times by approximately 36%, quickly reaching high levels of frustration. This statistic, when applied to fitting rooms, proves especially damning, with consumers willing to simply drop their potential purchases and walk away when faced with excessive waiting periods

Avoid this fate. Streamline the process by offering multiple fitting rooms, limiting the amount of items consumers can bring with them, and maintaining a strong team presence. Have associates ready to engage consumers, passing the time with personalized service and support.

5) Emphasizing the Brand

Brand promotion proves vital, helping your business both maintain current consumers and attract new ones, and providing fitting rooms could tip the balance between success and failure. How?

According to Forbes, 80% of overall revenue comes from loyal, happy customers. Those offered superior fitting room experiences (with on-site assistance, reward program opportunities, and short waiting periods) are eager to spend their money and support the brand.

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Want to rejuvenate sales? Use fitting rooms to promote product purchases, as well as strengthen your company’s presence. If you have questions about how to optimize your fitting room experience or have other fitting room suggestions to share, contact us today!

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