How Much Time Do Your Customers Spend in the Fitting Room? (& Why Should You Care?)

Wouldn’t it be great if your associates could take a peek into your fitting rooms?

The try-on is crucial to the buying decision, which is one reason fitting rooms are so important to retailers’ financial health. If associates could – at a glance – see which customers need service, they could provide support when most needed in the purchase process.

And yet, for obvious customer privacy reasons, there is usually no visibility in this area of the store (although call buttons can be pretty useful in providing customer service when necessary).

Fortunately, you can gather a number of critical data points without stirring up a privacy lawsuit. For starters, you can examine statistics, such as the average length of a fitting room visit.

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Boost Sales with These Amazing Fitting Room Insights

As every major retailer knows, there are significant performance variations between locations. What few are able to explain, however, is exactly what factors explain the differences between low and high performing stores, and what levers they should be able to pull to increase store performance.

If you want to boost sales and delight customers, start by focusing on the basics. The following fitting room key performance indicators (KPIs) will shed light on those performance levers.

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Missing Out on the Top Indicators of Fitting Room Success?

Savvy retailers know that the fitting rooms are one of the most critical areas of the store. After all, when a customer uses the fitting room, the chance they’ll make a purchase jumps to 67%, versus 10% for those who do not try their purchases on.

But how do you evaluate whether or not your fitting rooms are working as they should to turn shoppers into customers? Well, you can start by making sure you’re not missing out on the top key performance indicators (KPIs) for your fitting rooms.

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5 Most Important Retail Industry Benchmarks for Fitting Rooms

In the retail apparel industry, there are few things more crucial to the success of your business than the fitting room. You can do all the marketing and paid advertising you want, but if your customers don’t connect with your products and associates enough to try on your clothes, you’re in serious trouble.

To get an idea of how important the fitting room is, just consider the data we’ve collected:

  • Shoppers who use fitting rooms are almost 7 TIMES more likely to buy products compared to those who simply browse the sales floor.
  • Shoppers who enter the fitting room on a regular basis are TWICE as likely to buy products from that store.
  • Shoppers who receive service in the fitting room are THREE TIMES as likely to buy products from that store.
  • If a customer does not visit the fitting room, it doubles the likelihood of that customer returning part of their purchase to the store.

Because fitting rooms are so important in the apparel business, they are worth paying attention to. They must become a part of your analytics, as much as door traffic and daily sales.

Specifically, you should be measuring these five industry benchmarks.
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How to Make Sense of The Fitting Room Experience

Trying to redefine your sales? Searching for ways to strengthen your brand? Have you peeked into your fitting rooms lately?

Fitting Room Analytics Provide Crucial Insights

Tucked in the corner of your company is a series of tiny rooms. There, customers haul in endless trousers, tops, and accessories – all with the hopes of finding the perfect styles for the perfect prices.

Fitting rooms promise more than designer labels and wardrobe upgrades, though. They also provide crucial insights into your brand’s sales authority and customer appeal. Therefore, capturing fitting room analytics and studying them is essential. There are five key data points that fitting rooms offer. Let’s examine them now

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