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Why Customers Get Educated Online but Buy In-Store

Finally! Kristin sealed up the last envelope with invitations to her sister Sarah’s bridal shower. This was going to be a huge event!

Her sister was marrying the man of her dreams. Kristin loved the pair as a couple and couldn’t wait to see them walk down the aisle… this wedding was going to be one for the record books. Or, her record books anyway.

Sarah was marrying a man from India. The pair decided to hold a traditional Indian wedding with intermittent glimpses of the American culture where Sarah was raised. The entire affair would last four days.

Kristin was in charge of the bridal shower. That she could handle.

As she finished addressing the last envelope, she was excited for the next task on her to-do list – shopping!

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black friday 2015 review

Was this Black Friday Naughty or Nice for Retailers?

Like reading tea leaves or gazing into a crystal ball, predicting the future of holiday shopping trends is not an exact science. After all, retail shoppers are people who are known to be a pretty fickle bunch.

In “How to Prepare for the 2015 Holiday Shopping Season” we turned an eye to the future with some predictions about this year’s holiday shopping trends.

Preliminary results for Black Friday shopping are in; now let’s see if our predictions were accurate.

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7 Retail Predictions for 2015

Each new year brings new retail trends, which change the way companies do business. In these retail predictions, we look at emerging trends and technologies that we expect will be most significant in 2015. You’ll discover how each trend will affect the customer experience and get insights on how retailers can improve their customers’ shopping journeys.

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