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Predicting the Future of Retail [Infographic]

future of retail

In August 2015, Retail Vision published a post on their website with predictions for the future of retail from 42 retail industry experts, including our own Marge Laney. From that post, Retail Vision also created an infographic that highlights 20 of the most intriguing responses.

Ready to learn what 20 of the top retailers of the world had to say?

20 Industry Experts Predict the Future of Retail

The Future of Retail Infographic

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Future of Retail Experts Quote Summary

Below is a list of the featured quotes, reduced to tweetables. Share them with your followers now!

[Tweet “The future of retail is here – the customer is informed and in control @margelaney”]

[Tweet “The future is bright for retail …for those that drive brand enthusiasm. @Ralph_Jacobson”]

[Tweet “Shoppers are dictating the future of retail @RayHartjen”]

[Tweet “The future will belong to retailers that empower consumers to make their own decisions. @RickMoss”]

[Tweet “Omnichannel flexibility will look different for every retailer @rproceo”]

[Tweet “Young people will grow up with an eye to having their own store @TheRetailDoctor”]

[Tweet “The future of retail will be more defined by the consumer vs the stores themselves. @RetailMinded”]

[Tweet “Brands will become less important especially in apparel as savvy shopping becomes the norm. @PennaPlc”]

[Tweet “There is a huge disruption coming in retail over the next few years around mobile technology. @rowsell”]

[Tweet “there will be a huge surge of brands embracing the use of attribution & measurement over the next 3-5 yrs. @RakutenMKTG_UK”]

[Tweet “[Technology will enable] fantastic levels of personalisation and co-creation between retailer and customer. @ClareRayner”]

[Tweet “Developments in e-commerce & mobile technology will change the payments world beyond recognition. @SalmonLtd”]

[Tweet “The easiest way to predict what will be adopted is to start with what needs to be fixed. @maxmedia_atl”]

[Tweet “Retailers are mastering the present and the future by studying the past @upstreamcomm”]

[Tweet “Get into the details behind serving the important moments a consumer goes through to arrive at a purchase decision @gibbassett”]

[Tweet “As retail continues to evolve, new tools like these can be used to reinforce a retailer’s true focus: the customer experience. @fortegra”]

[Tweet “The future of retail lies in technology enabled customer-centricity @paula_rosenblum”]

[Tweet “No one has to go to a store anymore, we have to want to go to a store. @WD_Partners”]

[Tweet “retailers will use personalization in an effort to remain relevant @mehalchin”]

[Tweet “thanks to technology, retailing will continue to become increasingly profitable @DavidBiernbaum”]

A lot of these experts mention technology as a driver behind future retail success. Along those lines, we’ve created an eBook that shares how to use Retail Analytics to your advantage. To get the eBook, click below.

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