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2016 retail trends & predictions

The Future of Retail? Predictions for 2016 & Beyond

With more retailers than ever reporting dour statistics linked to the rapidly shifting digital landscape, how can businesses expect to stay afloat? Knowing the upcoming trends and using them to your advantage can put you ahead of the game.

So what are some of our predictions for 2016 and beyond? And how can retailers best adjust their operations?

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nrf 2016 apparel sellers

NRF 2016: What You Must See if You Sell Apparel

The countdown is on for NRF 2016! This is one of the most anticipated shows in the retail industry. Are you as excited as we are?

With exhibitions, sponsorships, meet-ups and more, it’s impossible to take in everything NRF 2016 has to offer. When you first walk through the doors of the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, you’ll find a LOT competing for your attention – from exhibits to speakers to networking events. It can overwhelm even the most seasoned conference goer – unless you make a strategic plan.

We’ve been to this show before. Over the years, we have learned what’s a must-see for anyone in retail. And specifically, for apparel retailers. If you want to have an incredible experience here’s what we recommend.

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NRF 2016 sneak peek

NRF 2016: Why it’s a Big Deal and Why You Need to be There

It’s that special time of year again for retail. This year, the NRF Big Show will take place January 17-20th at the Jacob K. Javita Convention Center in bustling New York City. You may be asking yourself:

  • I have quality products, and I’m well networked, so why should I show up?
  • What will this conference do for my business that I can’t do for myself?

Or, maybe, your retail business is struggling, and you don’t know why. There are no definite answers on why some retail businesses succeed and why others fail, but you’ll definitely get some great ideas from NRF’s Big Show.

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retail applications for internet of things

Using the Internet of Things to Your Advantage

If you have been paying attention to tech news in recent years, you have no doubt heard of the Internet of Things. If you haven’t been paying attention, fear not. Many of those who have waded through countless articles are still hard-pressed to come up with a clear explanation for the Internet of Things.

Luckily for both camps, we’re here to shed some light on the Internet of Things, and more importantly, how you can use it to your advantage.

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black friday 2015 review

Was this Black Friday Naughty or Nice for Retailers?

Like reading tea leaves or gazing into a crystal ball, predicting the future of holiday shopping trends is not an exact science. After all, retail shoppers are people who are known to be a pretty fickle bunch.

In “How to Prepare for the 2015 Holiday Shopping Season” we turned an eye to the future with some predictions about this year’s holiday shopping trends.

Preliminary results for Black Friday shopping are in; now let’s see if our predictions were accurate.

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Five Wins for Retail with Predictive Analytics

Originally published in The Predictive Analytics Times

We’ve heard a lot about how big data is changing the world, and even more about the changes that are still to come. There is more data collected now than at any other point in history, but many decision-makers have yet to figure out exactly what to do with all of this information.

Thankfully, in most businesses that hinge on an efficient supply chain, the inherent value of using predictive analytics is understood and accepted. Retailers, and especially clothing retailers, can benefit in many ways from gazing into the crystal ball that predictive analytics can provide. Here are a just a few examples to keep in mind.

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Is the Layout of Your Store Affecting Your Customers in a Negative Way?

As a retail apparel company, it’s your responsibility to ensure your customers enjoy a stress-free and pleasurable experience each time they shop at one of your stores. This means:

  • Making customers feel special as soon as they walk in the door
  • Making items easy to find
  • Encouraging sales associates to provide exceptional customer service
  • Making sure a long line and long wait time isn’t the last memory a customer has when they leave the store.

Even if you’re in love with the design and layout of your store, it’s important to remember that everything you do, from product creation to check out, should cater to the needs of your customers. If the first thing a customer sees when they come through the door is a long line and it’s also the last thing they see when they leave, you won’t have a great relationship with that customer for long. In fact, did you know that 75% of retailers will lose a sale because of wait-related issues?

If you think your store may be losing business due to long wait times and unhappy customers, there are numerous ways to improve the flow, customer perception, and overall usability for your customers.

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How to Deliver Hyper-Personalized Customer Service

When you think about personalizing your retail business, what’s the first thing that comes to mind?

If you’re like many retail store owners, it’s marketing. You consider cross-channel or omnichannel marketing. You make sure you gather enough data on your customers to share relevant marketing messages. Is this enough?

Probably not.

In retail, you have a unique opportunity. Your employees work one on one with customers. As they begin talking to shoppers, it’s easy to sprinkle in personalized service. It’s good old-fashioned customer service with one associate personally investing time into one customer.

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In-Store Retail Analytics Guide [Free Download]

In-Store-Apparel-Retail-Analytics-Cover Physical stores give consumers a place where they can come in and experience a brand in person. These stores are pivotal not just in creating your brand experience, but in connecting with a customer and establishing brand loyalty for the long haul. However, physical retail stores come with many expenses.

  • How can you optimize the store experience to increase customer satisfaction?
  • How can you use retail analytics to provide insights that allow you to improve your in-store strategies to drive ROI?

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