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NRF 2016: What You Must See if You Sell Apparel

nrf 2016 apparel sellers

The countdown is on for NRF 2016! This is one of the most anticipated shows in the retail industry. Are you as excited as we are?

With exhibitions, sponsorships, meet-ups and more, it’s impossible to take in everything NRF 2016 has to offer. When you first walk through the doors of the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, you’ll find a LOT competing for your attention – from exhibits to speakers to networking events. It can overwhelm even the most seasoned conference goer – unless you make a strategic plan.

We’ve been to this show before. Over the years, we have learned what’s a must-see for anyone in retail. And specifically, for apparel retailers. If you want to have an incredible experience here’s what we recommend.

A Must-See Talk: 5 Things Every Retailer Should Know About a Woman’s Closet

Anthony S. Marino at NRF 2016One speaker you should be sure to see is Anthony S. Marino, the CMO of thredUP, the largest online consignment shop for women and kids clothing. His talk, 5 Things Every Retailer Should Know About a Woman’s Closethappens on Sunday at 11 a.m.

thredUP is a unique style of retailer. Because the company both sells to and buys back from their customer, they’re privy to a wealth of data about what a woman’s closet looks like from the inside. As an apparel retailer, this type of data is gold.

Marino will discuss what goes into a woman’s closet and what comes out. He will also share how her in-closet behaviors impact her shopping behaviors in your store.

This is one talk that should prove enlightening!

Exhibitor BIG !deas: Retailers Share How They Exceed Customers’ Expectations While Optimizing Labor

On Sunday at 1 p.m., Kevin Sterneckert from Predictix, Rich Ryczek from Delhaize America, and Brian Monaco from Price Chopper/Golub Corporation will discuss the challenge of exceeding customers’ increasingly demanding expectations.

Customer service is one of the biggest differentiators between in-store and online buying. When a shopper reaches your fitting room, she’s engaged with your store associates. These people are the face of your brand!

In this panel, you’ll hear how other stores are providing a personal touch without adding excessive labor costs.

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Exhibitor BIG !deas: Capitalizing on Key Consumer Moments at Retail

On Monday at 10:15, Russell Young from STRATACACHE and Joshua Johnson from AT&T will take the stage to discuss communication with today’s savvy shoppers.

The panel of two will go through what it means to connect and inspire consumers on their own terms while leveraging in-store moments to brand your retail store.

There are many key moments when your customer enters your brick-and-mortar store. One of them is the moment she enters your fitting rooms. In that moment, she’s deciding whether or not to buy from you.

Once a customer heads to your fitting room, she’s 67% more likely to make a purchase! That’s significant compared to the only 10% of people floor shoppers likely to buy.

In this discussion you’ll learn how to capitalize on this key moment and sell more apparel.

Exhibitor BIG !deas: Your Next Big Move: Empowering the Next Generation Store Associate

Also on Monday at 10:15 (yes, you’ll have to make a judgment call on which is more appealing to you), Mark Steele from Tulip Retail, Bernardine C. Wu from FitForCommerce and Josh Chernoff from Box will take the stage to discuss how to deliver on a brand promise using mobile technology in retail.

The future of retail lies in mobile technology. Done well, mobile tools form a powerful, personal touch with your customers. This discussion will help you explore how to delight and surprise your customers even more!

You’ll have to choose between this and the consumer moments discussion. Choose whichever one fits best in your overall strategy and goals from NRF 2016, but plan to attend at least one of them!

AlertTech’s Booth #227

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention our own booth at NRF 2016. It’s always a thrill to set up shop at the convention center for this show.

At AlertTech we understand the importance of consumer moments in shopping. We’ve dug in deep to the psychological impact of consumers getting naked in a public place (your dressing rooms) and not wanting to have to get redressed to find the right clothes. We understand how much this impacts your ability to land a sale or lose a loyal customer.

If you’re interested in learning more about how to provide exceptional customer service, plan to stop by our booth. We’ll give you a live demo of AlertTech’s technology in action from the point of view of your customer and associate. This includes a walk-through of our retail mobile technology and the surprisingly easy ways you can incorporate it into your store.

Take what you’ve learned at NRF 2016 and apply it instantly with our products. Schedule a demo now!

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