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Online Retail Can Give Thanks for 2015 Thanksgiving Shoppers

2015 Thanksgiving Shopping Results

Last week we did a Black Friday recap that took a look at how much was spent, the longer “Black Friday season”, and the effects of e-commerce.  Then we came across this great infographic that summarized the results of the Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday shopping days. It further backs up what we just reported:

Spending is slightly up, but online shopping is increasing while in-store shopping is taking a hit.

2015 Thanksgiving Shopping Results

2015 Thanksgiving Shopping Results

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Summary of 2015 Thanksgiving Shopping Results

Thanksgiving Day

  • 12.5% increase in online sales revenue
  • 10.8% increase in the number of sales transactions
  • 9% increase in online spending
  • 1.5% increase in average order value
  • Brick and mortar sales down $200M from 2014
  • Average online order value was $162

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Black Friday

  • Brick and mortar sales down $1.2B from 2014
  • Online sales increased 14%
  • 74 million Americans shopped in stores, but 75 million shopped online

Cyber EveryDay

  • Largest online sales day in history with $3B in sales revenue
  • 16% increase in sales
  • Average online order value was $133
  • 20.3% average savings
  • Total of $11B in online sales from Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday.


Brick and mortar stores must fight harder than ever for an ever decreasing number of in-store shoppers. Be sure you know how to get the highest possible returns from your brick and mortar store.

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