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The 7 Best Retail Clothing CEOs to Work For

The CEO has the power to make or break their brand, and often the CEO is leading the charge to redefine what makes their company unique. The values, goals and ideals of the CEO trickle down into every store. Perhaps those most aware of these changes are the employees, who are impacted on a daily basis by the actions of their CEOs.

According to their employees, here are 7 of the best retail CEOs in the fashion industry today, along with their employee approval ratings:

Sharon Turney (Victoria’s Secret) 82%

Sharon Turney, CEO of Victoria's SecretVictoria’s Secret CEO Sharon Turney has an 82% approval rate among her employees. Turney reimagined the Victoria’s Secret brand, bringing a more elegant and refined style to the company’s lingerie lines. Turney called for a change throughout the brand, refocusing the core attributes of the company on being sexy, sophisticated and forever young.

Turny’s changes to the Victoria’s Secret brand brought huge success to the company. Turney’s approval rating within her company is not just from her success, but also from the dynamic atmosphere she has created within the company.

Turney helped to create a fast-paced, constantly evolving brand. Turney has encouraged enthusiasm for new products and ideas by providing her employees with new products for free or at a 50% discount.

Glenn Murphy (Gap) 83%

Glenn Murphy, CEO GapCEO of The Gap, Glenn Murphy spent his time at The Gap, creating a better workforce for his company. Murphy worked to focus The Gap on creating a fun work environment and encouraging a passion for the fashion industry throughout his staff.

Murphy made the inclusion of diversity and creation of a fair workplace for all of his employees at The Gap a priority. Murphy placed an emphasis on providing his employees with great discounts and allowing flexibility in scheduling.

Under Murphy’s leadership, The Gap raised the pay of all of his employees to $10 per hour beginning in 2015. Murphy believes that paying his employees higher wages will increase the productivity and commitment of his employees. Overall, Murphy has an 83% approval rating with his employees.

Sally Jewell (REI) 88%

Sally Jewell, CEO REIREI CEO Sally Jewell has created a very fun and creative environment for her employees. REI is part of a very fun industry, and Jewell works to keep the fun alive in the REI company.

REI functions as a co-op, and works to maintain sustainable production of their products. The REI company has a fun and cooperative team and works hard to communicate with all levels of employees. Jewell has an 88% approval rating with her employees.

Michael A. Weiss (Express LLC) 90%

Michael A. Weiss, CEO ExpressExpress LLC CEO Michael Weiss has a reputation as an innovator. Working with the Express LLC company since 1980, Weiss has brought innovation to the company throughout his time there. Weiss helped to create the online marketplace for Express LLC, and has worked diligently to keep the company moving forward.

Weiss has a 90% approval rating from his employees. His focus on teaching his employees to strive to sell and always be moving forward has created a very positive atmosphere for Limited LLC stores.

Note that Weiss retired in January of 2015 but is still part of the company as a non-executive chairman.

Blake W. Nordstrom (Nordstrom) 90%

Blake W. Nordstrom, CEO NordstromCEO of Nordstrom Blake W. Nordstrom has been the CEO since 2000. Nordstrom’s business model includes giving all employees good sales training. The fantastic commission rates make employees happy and successful.

Nordstrom believes in having an open management style and keeping a very productive and positive sales atmosphere. With a culture defined by excellent service and a competitive, fast-paced environment, Nordstrom creates a very productive and successful company. Nordstrom has a 90% approval rating among his employees.

Jeff Bezos (Amazon) 93%

Jeff Bezos, CEO AmazonAmazon CEO Jeff Bezos has worked to create a successful corporate culture at Amazon that is innovative and customer-focused. The company thrives on challenges and provides a creative, collaborative approach to business.

Bezos runs a fast-paced environment. His focus on innovation and drive towards the future keep employees moving and encourage a great environment for employees to succeed. Bezos has a 93% success rate.

Mickey Drexler (J. Crew) 98%

Mickey Drexler, CEO J CrewJ. Crew CEO Mickey Drexler is credited with the massive success of the Gap in the 1990s. Drexler led the company to run iconic ads that helped to make the brand part of the culture. But after 2002, Drexler took over as the CEO of J. Crew.

Over J. Crew, Drexler has worked tirelessly to re-envision the J. Crew brand as an upscale line. Under Drexler, J. Crew has become a dressy, popular clothing line.

Drexler has created a fashion conscious company with a very positive, fun environment for employees. Employees receive great benefits, including a fantastic discount, paid time off and flexible schedules. Overall Drexler has created an environment that nurtures employees and creates a driven and loyal team. Drexler has a 98% approval rating from his employees.

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How do your employees rate your CEO and other management?

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