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Fitting Room Optimization

How to Avoid Designing a Dressing Room That Makes People Look Fat

As the owner or operator of a clothing retail store, the moment where a customer heads off to the fitting room with a selection of different items is an incredibly promising one. If a person likes a piece of clothing enough to go try it on, that means they are very seriously considering a purchase. However, it also means that what happens in the fitting room can make or break a sale for your store, and too often, what happens in the fitting room isn’t something the customer likes.

I’m talking about the way that a fitting room—between lighting, room color, room size, and mirror quality—can make a huge difference in how a person looks in the garments they are trying on. A recent Buzzfeed article and photo essay called “Here Is What The Same Person Looks Like In Dressing Rooms For 20 Different Stores” showed, with fascinating photographic detail, just how different a person wearing the same clothes can look under the conditions of various different retail store dressing rooms. The piece is a must-read for any clothing retail store owner.

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How to Fix Broken Fitting Rooms with In-Store Analytics

In the history of mankind, has anyone ever been inspired by the words “good enough?” When sales are meeting expectations and staff turnover rates are relatively low, it’s easy for retail managers to get comfortable.

But as we all know, there is always room for improvement!

For example, did you know that 5% of fitting room users abandon their purchase because of a poor experience at the1 moment of truth? Maybe they needed another size, and there was nobody there to help them, or perhaps the long lines to try on their apparel purchase put them off entirely.

Think about what a 5% increase in paying customers might look like during an annual performance appraisal! But how do you tap into that pool of lost sales and turn things around?

By using in-store analytics to improve the fitting room experience!

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How to Improve Sales With In-Store Analytics

It’s no secret that online retailers have almost universally adopted the practice of using analytics to improve sales. When you can track a customer from the moment they hit the landing page all the way through to the end of their purchase, why wouldn’t you?

Comparable versions of the sophisticated analytics used by online stores are also available to brick and mortar retailers. They’re just not used anywhere near as much as they are online.

If you knew you could improve sales through the use of in-store analytics, would you implement a few new tools to measure what’s going on in the store? Of course you would!

In case you need a little convincing, here are just a few of the ways in-store analytics can help increase sales.

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Fit Happens – Free Chapter Filled With Fitting Room Data & Optimization Tips

fitting room data

Shopping may be digital, but the decision to buy is still an analog process requiring the customer to try-on before deciding to buy.

Marge Laney, CEO of Alert Tech, steps out of the boardrooms of Big Retail to talk truth about the places we take it all off.

Fit Happens illuminates the most important square footage in the store, and provides practical solutions that will transform every fitting room into the most productive square footage of every retail store.

5 Fitting Room Mistakes You'd Better Not

5 Fitting Room Mistakes You’d Better Not Make

When you were planning the location for your apparel store, you probably did a lot of homework. You read the latest research on how to make the cashwrap more appealing, what kind of music should be played and at what volume, and what floor layout would work best to engage customers and drive sales.

When you were doing that research, did the fitting rooms come up at all?

For too long, the fitting rooms have been the most neglected area of many stores. Fitting rooms are often an afterthought in the back corner, a place that no one pays much attention to at all. That’s a shame because the fitting room is where the customer makes the final decision on an apparel purchase!

The next time you’re in the store, have a good look at your fitting rooms. Are you making any of the five most common fitting room mistakes? If you are, just remember – identifying problems is the first step towards fixing them!

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retail conversion

How to Get Customers to the Highest Converting Part of Your Store

Often neglected as shopkeepers look at the big picture for their brick and mortar stores, fitting rooms represent one of the biggest opportunities for retailers to increase retail conversions and drive up sales. The fitting room is where shoppers make their final buying decisions, a factor that makes it more important than ever for shop owners to take special care of how their fitting rooms are organized, cared for, and managed by associates.

It’s crucial to ensure that the fitting room experience is as convenient, comfortable, and exciting for shoppers as the rest of their shopping experience. However, before retailers can even begin to think about providing a quality fitting room experience, they must take into consideration what it takes to get customers into the highest converting part of the store.

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Try It On – Fitting Room Optimization [Free Guide]

fitting room optimization resource guideAs the place where most of your customers’ sales decisions are made, the fitting room is the true heart of the brick & mortar apparel store.

Most retailers undervalue their fitting rooms, seeing them as a necessary store component but not realizing their true potential.

In fact, they are an incredibly important piece of the customer experience and, when optimized correctly, can be a significant sales driver.

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The Hidden Cost of Bringing the Internet Into the Fitting Room

As long as I have been working with fitting room technology, there has been an ever present din. More than a din actually- it’s a compulsion. Technologists are compelled to turn the living room into a fitting room and the fitting room into the living room.

The agreed upon method for making that fitting room into a living room is to bring in as much of the desktop computer e-commerce experience as possible.

Hyberbole aside, there is just something about the fitting room that makes an easy target for the web experience. Technologists that haven’t spent much time in the environment have some things to consider. That is what I will be exploring here.

I will put it bluntly:

As retailers, we need to keep these two things as separate as possible. Here are three reasons why.

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