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Fit Happens – Free Chapter Filled With Fitting Room Data & Optimization Tips

fitting room data

Shopping may be digital, but the decision to buy is still an analog process requiring the customer to try-on before deciding to buy.

Marge Laney, CEO of Alert Tech, steps out of the boardrooms of Big Retail to talk truth about the places we take it all off.

Fit Happens illuminates the most important square footage in the store, and provides practical solutions that will transform every fitting room into the most productive square footage of every retail store.

Download a Free Chapter of Fit Happens – Analog Buying in a Digital World

Download the Free Chapter of “Fit Happens” and you’ll learn:

  • How to ‘get it right’ through design, training, and technology
  • How your customer’s needs change in the fitting room
  • Why the fitting room is the best place to build in-store loyalty
  • Why the fitting room is the center of the Omnichannel experience
  • Technology’s role in the fitting room

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