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Innovative Technology Delivered at H&M’s Newest Flagship

Fitting Room Technology

H&M recently opened its largest flagship store yet. And although we were impressed by the size of the store – at 63,000 square feet – we were more impressed by the details… ones you won’t find anywhere else.

What details, you ask?

How about heat sensors in each of the 40 dressing rooms so associates know when rooms are occupied?

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Or “try-and-buy” stations that let you check out straight from the dressing room (capitalizing on the moment a shopper decides to make a purchase, while avoiding the line at the register).

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H&MPress Coverage

We weren’t the only ones impressed. The store – and the technology – received coverage from a number of sources, including the Wall Street Journal, Fashionista & Racked Magazine.

My favorite quote was from the Racked article:

The first thing you’ll want to get at H&M’s Herald Square flagship is a game plan.

Well, it’s clear to me that H&M itself already has a plan. In my opinion, their forward thinking approach to technology and customer service is one of the factors that led them (the same month as the store opening) to be listed by Forbes as one of the world’s most valuable brands in May.

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Solutions for Retailers

At AlertTech, we know how to make technology work for retailers. It’s something we’ve been doing for nearly two decades. We’re is proud to be a part of the technological solution for H&M.

And although we’re in 7,000+ stores, being a part of the planning and conversation for a new solution is one of my favorite parts of my job.

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Want More Fitting Room Solutions?

Our CEO literally “wrote the book” on the fitting room. If you’d like some ideas on how you can improve your fitting room experience – without constructing a new flagship store – it’s well worth a read.

Click the image below to download a sample chapter.

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