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How to Let Your Customers Keep Shopping While Waiting in Line

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Even though your customers may be excited to try on a few pieces of clothing at your retail store, they will not hesitate to put their selected items back on the rack and head for the exit without making a purchase if your fitting room lines are too long.

It’s not always easy for retail companies to implement innovative technology into their customer service strategy, but in today’s world technology is being used by businesses of all types to improve the client experience, and with great results.

If you want to prevent your customers from leaving your store unhappy, you need to make it possible for them to browse the store while they wait for a fitting room to become available.

Using Fitting Room Text Alerts to Keep Customers Happy

  • What if you could eliminate all fitting room lines in your retail store?
  • What if your customers never had to wait for 5 or more minutes to try on a pair of jeans and a top?
  • What if your customers could continue shopping at your store while waiting for a fitting room to become available?

Whether your retail apparel company is large or small, mobile technology presents your customers with an opportunity to continue browsing your store, pick up additional items to try on, and receive instant notification when a fitting room opens up.

The best retail companies want to make life as simple as possible for their customers, which is what you can accomplish when you implement fitting room text message alerts.

To take advantage of fitting room text message alerts, all you need to do is setup an automated notification system for your customers. When a customer decides they are interested in a fitting room, they just leave their name and cell phone number with one of your store attendants, and they receive a text message to their phone as soon as a fitting room opens up.

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Using mobile technology in this way is an excellent idea because your customers don’t have to concern themselves with the length of your fitting room lines and instead can focus on picking up more items and hopefully, spending more money at your store.

Occupancy Indicators

While fitting room text message alerts is arguably one of the best ways to use technology to keep your customers shopping at your store while waiting for a fitting room, it isn’t the only way to keep your customers shopping while they wait. If you want to keep your shoppers engaged in the shopping experience while they wait, consider adding occupancy indicators to your fitting rooms.

According to Alert Tech’s research, a customer is 71% more likely to purchase an item of clothing if that customer tried it on in the fitting room. Since the fitting room is arguably the most valuable real estate in your retail store, implementing occupancy indicators will allow customers to see which fitting rooms are open while they continue to shop.

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If you want to get sophisticated with the technology you use, consider adding occupancy indicators that show how long a particular room has been in use. If all of the fitting rooms are full, but there are a couple of rooms that have been in use for more than 10 minutes, a customer will know that a room will become available soon.

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Take Advantage of Beacons Technology 

Another great way to keep shoppers engaged while they wait for a fitting room is to implement beacons technology into your store. Beacons technology will allow you to connect with your customers via their mobile device, and once they are connected, the options are endless.

With beacons technology, you can allow your customers to manage their virtual loyalty reward programs, browse various deals being offered at your store, and even make cashless payments. If you can keep your customer engaged on their smart phone while waiting in line for the fitting room, it will increase the odds of them making additional purchases.

By allowing them to manage virtual rewards and make payments via their mobile device, you can keep the shopping experience going while they stand in line. Keep in mind that offering special deals for people that connect their devices is an excellent way to get customers to use your beacons service.

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If your goal is to keep your customers shopping while they wait for a fitting room, try offering text message alerts, occupancy indicators, or beacons technology as part of the in-store experience. Your customers will thank you and your store revenue will increase as a result.

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