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Will Customer Satisfaction Increase Significantly From Installing Call Buttons?

Impact of Fitting Room Call Buttons

It’s good to be skeptical when reading about sales technology on the internet. For example, you may be wondering if there is any way to know if the push of a call button can affect sales. You may also wonder how we can measure the relationship between the presence of fitting room call buttons and increased sales.

As it turns out, there are many ways to measure the effectiveness of call buttons on the bottom line. Some are pretty sophisticated and require an upfront investment, but we’ll get to those in a little while. First, let’s have a look at ways to measure the “quick wins” that can come with the addition of this relatively straightforward technology to fitting rooms.

Right Time, Right Place

We know that customers who initiate calls for service from the fitting room are really saying “Help me buy something!” There is no better time in the customer’s journey to have a conversation. In the fitting room, interaction with a sales associate lends itself spectacularly to the practices of cross-selling and upselling.

We know that customers who use the fitting room are more likely to make an apparel purchase. In fact, 67% of customers who try on clothes make a purchase, compared to 10% of those who do not. When a sales associate serves a fitting room customer, they aren’t just more likely to make a purchase, they’re liable to spend nearly three times more than they would have if they had only visited the sales floor.

The benefits of fitting room interactions dramatically increase with associates who actively engage with the client and have deep brand knowledge. A well-trained sales associate will be on a first-name basis with the customer on the other side of a fitting room door. That makes them only a few pieces of information away from adding the customer to the store’s loyalty program.

That’s great info to keep in your back pocket, but how will you know if call buttons are making a difference?

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Testing the Impact of Fitting Room Call Buttons

At AlertTech, we have a lot of experience working with fitting room call buttons. Our data strongly supports the assertion that call buttons have a positive influence on sales. However, we understand that retailers may not be content just to take our word for it. Today’s tech-savvy retail managers want to know if call buttons are improving sales, and if so, by how much.

When marketers are trying to determine how well an online campaign is working, they do what’s called A/B testing. Essentially, this means you show two versions of the same web page to similar users and the one with the higher conversion rate wins. You can apply the same kind of split testing measures at the retail level.

A couple of simple questions can help give some measure of the effectiveness of call buttons in the store:

  • Did sales increase after call buttons were installed?
  • If there are multiple locations, are stores with call buttons performing better than stores without?

These measures won’t produce a definitive answer overnight, but over time, examination of this data will give a pretty clear indication of how well call buttons are working for the bottom line.

Of course the shopping patterns of customers may vary from location to location, and your store may occupy an extremely specific niche. Our experience clearly shows that engaged sales associates inviting customers to utilize the call button is the single biggest factor in encouraging call button use.

fitting room call button usage

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Boost Store Results with RFID Tagging

Would you like an exact measure of how well call buttons are working? If you already have RFID tagging in place, you will have access to all of the pertinent details about what’s going on in the fitting rooms too, such as:

  • Which items made it into the fitting room;
  • Which items were associated with the push of a call button; and finally,
  • Which items made it all the way to the cash wrap.

It should be noted that RFID is not an inexpensive solution! Measuring the effectiveness of fitting room call buttons isn’t likely a reason to make the move to RFID on its own. However, if it’s already on the to-do list for store enhancements, evaluating the fitting room call button strategy is one more tick in the “Pro” column.

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We’ve seen it time and time again with the retailers we work with every day – introducing fitting room call buttons is the first step to building trust with customers. By encouraging the use of the button to call for help, you’re increasing customer loyalty, and ultimately sales!

Ready to learn how fitting room call buttons can increase efficiency and boost sales in your store? Schedule your personalized demo with AlertTech today!

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