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Queue Management Book for Modern Retailers [Free]

queue management book

queue management for modern retailers

Both research and experience suggest that a customer’s evaluation of the quality of service strongly depends on the time spent waiting in line. The more your customers have to wait for service at your store, the lower the perceived quality of service.

It’s agonizing for customers to wait in line. In today’s world of instant gratification, people want and expect their needs to be handled quickly and efficiently. Customers that are forced to wait for a few minutes before receiving service feel as if they’re being tortured

Research also shows that when it comes to customer’s experiences of waiting in line, retail stores fare very poorly. A recent poll showed that of 10 everyday waiting experiences, customers found checking out at a retail store the 2nd most frustrating wait – behind only the wait at the DMV, according to NCR Corp.

Queue management is an essential part of any brick & mortar retail operation.

The Queue Management Book for Modern Retailers

Learn how optimizing queue length will:

  • Increase Customer and Employee Satisfaction
  • Grow Customer Loyalty
  • Reduce Abandonment Rates
  • Improve Brand Perception
  • Boost Impulse Purchases

You will also learn the essential metrics to measure to judge how you can best manage your queues.

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