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Learn How Your Store Connects and Communicates

retail iot technology

Your store is filled with sensors. In any given day, your store uses the Internet of Things to count people, send customers offers, track fitting room occupancy, call customer service associates, and so much more. As you collect this data, do you know where it all goes?

One of the most common questions we hear is, “can I connect different devices to my in-store systems?” The short answer: Yes!

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Here’s a quick rundown of retail IoT technology connectivity and how to use the data you collect to boost your sales.

Connecting Your Store’s Sensors with Retail IoT Technology

Every sensor in your store collects data through some type of network. In most cases, the data collected travels along the network and over to a central location where it is stored. That’s much preferable to storing data on an island!

Your store can then use this data to make meaningful decisions for your overall retail operation.

It’s incredible how much happens behind the scenes using your in-store devices. Check out this infographic for details about how the sensors connect and store data.

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Most of the sensors in your store are able to talk to several devices. For example, a call button in your fitting rooms can connect to multiple associates so the customer always reaches someone who can help. Your point-of-sale system is also able to connect with various devices to complete each transaction.

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Exceptions to the Rule

With so many devices talking to one another, you have multiple opportunities to gather useful data. Still, there are some instances where it’s not possible to connect multiple devices.

Some remote access doorbells are configured to only connect using a two-way radio (for example, Motorola). These radios work well in real-time, but they cannot collect any data to store and use later while decision making. Over time, your store misses out on data, such as:

  • Total fitting room visits
  • Total fitting room calls
  • Length of response time for fitting room calls
  • Length of time customers spend in fitting rooms
  • And more

This data can then be benchmarked across industry standards to determine how successful your store is at managing the customer’s experience in your fitting room.

retail iot technology

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The solution to this rule is to find the right technology that will give you the same capabilities as a two-way radio and collect valuable customer data. The AlertTech fitting room call buttons offer just that.

The Type of Systems You Need to Collect Better Data

At AlertTech, we offer several types of retail systems. Each one includes:

  • Data collection stored securely in the cloud
  • Connectivity between any device in your store using RESTful API

For many retailers, installing a system (or multiple systems) like this can feel overwhelming. If your IT resources are already spread thin it makes sense you’re concerned with adding more and new technology to learn.

AlertTech has worked with many retailers and understands this concern well. That’s why there is an optional IT installation service to provide supplementary support to install and train IT personnel so they get up to speed as quickly as necessary.

Wrapping Up Your Data

Connectivity has improved dramatically in today’s retail world. To learn more about how you can connect several devices and collect better data, contact one of our representatives for a custom overview of what AlertTech can offer your store.

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