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What Training and Collateral Will You Need During a Pilot Project?

One of the biggest concerns with starting a pilot project is whether or not your teams will seamlessly adapt to the new systems. If your staff don’t adopt new habits and make full use of the new technology and systems, you’re leaving results on the table. This is where training is crucial.

To help you get the most out of your pilot project, here are the training and collateral materials Alert Tech provides during a pilot project.

1. Customer Experience Guide

Alert Tech prepares a Customer Experience Guide tailored for each brand we work with. This guide is meant to provide your team with not only a picture of the experience that they should be creating, but clear guidelines on how to provide that experience.

In order to create the Customer Experience Guide, Alert Tech will spend one to two weeks observing your existing operations. The main goal of this observation period is to generate an accurate benchmark so it’s clear how your stores are currently performing. From there, we’ll outline what the customer is currently experiencing – and compare it to an optimal in-store experience.

2. Quick Start Guide

Alert Tech’s associate-facing system is simple and user friendly, but even the most straightforward systems require training.

In order to support rapid and successful adoption of the new technology, we provide a thorough yet easy-to-read Quick Start Guide to orient your team to the basics of Alert Tech’s Sense, Sense Connect, and Room Valet systems. We can also provide the Quick Start in video format.

3. Hands On Training

The goal of the pilot project is to determine how your stores will profit and benefit from having Alert Tech’s systems in place. To do this, it’s imperative that your staff develops the habit of using the technology in full capacity.

45723674 - vector webinar concept in flat style. video player. online education

45723674 – vector webinar concept in flat style. video player. online education

Although the Quick Start Guide provides an excellent reference point, it’s best supplemented by hands on training. We don’t place the burden on your managers to do all of the learning and training. We put Alert Tech team members on the floors of your stores to help managers and staff get familiar with the new system.

Having the boots on the ground to offer hands on training is one of the best ways to ensure your team adopts the new technology.

  • They’ll learn how to use it faster;
  • They’ll learn how it will help their job become easier; and
  • They’ll understand why Alert Tech’s systems are so important to their overall store performance.

Although Alert Tech staff is not on site during the entire time, most stores complete hands-on training for all employees in two weeks or less.

4. Goal-Oriented Training

The data points we gathered to create the Customer Experience Guide will be put to use again during our Goal Oriented Training process.

These data points show us where your stores are in relation to industry standards. During the launch period, we will train you and your team with a goal of reaching (or getting as close as possible) to these industry standards during the first few weeks of the pilot program.

This training goes far beyond the basic hands on training. It’s specifically oriented around helping you see an increase in your profits.

5. Support Hotlines

No matter how much training we provide, one thing is inevitable – your team will have questions along the way. This is a normal part of the process and we help with this by giving you access to support hotlines. These include:

  • Phone;
  • Email; and
  • Web-based tutorials for around the clock guidance.

6. Remote Monitoring

Throughout the pilot, we’ll also be monitoring your sensors and data remotely so you can be sure everything is always working as it should be.

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