What People Are Saying About Fit Happens

I’ve been excited at how many great press mentions Fit Happens has been getting lately! A great many thanks to Margo Myers for helping make this happen.

It really is a passion of mine – the fitting room is the most valuable real estate in the store, and far too many retailers fail to utilize it anywhere near capacity.

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STORES Magazine Article

Just last week, Fit Happens was liberally referenced in STORES magazine’s April 2015 article “Selling Satisfaction“.

Book Launch Interview

Margaret and MargeWhile I was in Seattle for the launch of Fit Happens, I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Margaret Larson of Channel 5 to discuss how the fitting room experience can be improved.

At the start of our conversation, Margaret asked her audience, “How many people have not liked what happened in a fitting room?”

You know the result – every person raised their hands!

One of the other things Margaret said was, “Shopping is such a time consuming experience; when you’re unsuccessful that’s one of the worst feelings!”

I couldn’t agree more. Retailers need to make the experience more likely to be successful for their customers, especially those who are far enough along in the sales process that they’re in a fitting room!

Lousy fitting room experiences mean lousy customer experience, which lead to lousy sales for retailers. But it doesn’t have to be this way – which is one of the reasons I wrote Fit Happens in the first place!

Want to learn more about harnessing the power of retail technology?

RSR’s Post-NRF Debrief Webinar

Before Fit Happen was even released, Retail Systems Research highlighted the book in their post-NRF debrief webinar.

Check out the webinar here (Fit Happens is discussed at the 29:29 minute mark).

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