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Queue Management Essentials for Retailers [Infographic]

queue management infographic

People hate waiting in line! And long lines aren’t just bad for your customers, they are bad for employee morale too.

It is essential that retailers have a queue management plan that will help them balance queue length and queue wait times with other factors like staffing costs and impulse purchases made while waiting. Queue management is both an art and a science. Check out our infographic below that highlights the most important factors to consider.

Queue Management Essentials for Retailers
Queue Management infographic

Queue Mangement Essentials Infographic Summary

Queue length must be balanced. Queues that are too short can reduce the frequency of impulse purchases and also add unnecessary staffing costs. Long Queues can lead to:

  • A decrease in the perception of customer service.
  • Increases stress on the store associates which causes them to rush.
  • Increased walk off rates.
  • A negative impact on the perception of your brand.
  • Reduced customer loyalty
  • Reduced positive word of mouth marketing

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There are 3 essential queue management metrics presented in this infographic:

  1. Store traffic which is your baseline for how many people are in your store, how many make it to the fitting room queue, how many make it to the cash wrap queue, and how many convert to buyers.
  2. Queue length, or the physical length of your lines. This is the biggest factor in queue abandonment and for customers that choose to never join the queue.
  3. Queue wait time which is how long your customers must wait in the fitting room queue or to make a purchase. This metric has a high impact on customer satisfaction levels.

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