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Retail Expert Marge Laney Launches Mission to Improve Fitting Rooms, Increase Sales

Fit Happens: Analog Buying in a Digital World will Change Retail Conversations

Fitting room expert and Alert Tech CEO Marge Laney is on a one-woman mission to improve fitting rooms in retail apparel stores. From dim lighting to bad mirrors, poor design and a lack of service, Laney is launching her new book, Fit Happens; Analog Buying in a Digital World to prompt new conversations retailers are having about their in-store experience.

“The fitting room is every apparel retail store’s most valuable square footage,” said Laney. “It’s where your customers make their decision to buy. But it’s often overlooked as a revenue generator and opportunity for customer engagement.”

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In Fit Happens, Laney cites recent studies that underscore the importance of redefining the value of fitting rooms.

  • Only 10% of customers who browse the sales floor are likely to buy
  • 67% of customers who use fitting rooms are likely to buy
  • ‘Serviced’ customers who use the fitting room buy three times what browsers buy

Fit Happens makes practical recommendations for retailers to improve sales and the overall customer experience, from fitting room design to the latest technologies. “I want retailers to understand the shopping experience from the customer’s point of view, and how to create strategies and experiences that keep shoppers coming back,” said Laney. She also has suggestions for customers to help retailers improve the shopping experience.

Retail experts laud Laney’s book. “If there is anyone in retailing who knows more than Marge Laney about what it takes to turn the fitting room experience into a sales driver, I’ve yet to meet them,” said George Anderson, Editor-in-Chief of RetailWire. “There’s something here for everyone from single-store boutique operators to executives in charge of the customer experience at the largest of chains.”

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“Fit Happens is a quick read that tackles many myths about how dressing rooms should be managed,” said Bob Phibbs, the Retail Doctor®. “Any retail apparel store executive team trying to figure out how to increase sales in their brick and mortar locations will be unable to unless they’ve understood the power of the fitting room.”

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Laney works with some of the world’s largest names in retail, including Calvin Klein, The Limited, and American Eagle Outfitters. She’s signing her book at Barnes & Noble at Pacific Place in downtown Seattle, Washington on March 12, 2015, from 2-4pm. For more information, please visit, or visit Amazon to order the book.

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