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How One Facebook Post Destroyed a Retailer’s Reputation

retail store reputation

Ugh! Worst shopping experience ever!

The post stopped Samantha in her tracks. She and Kelly (her friend who posted the mini-rant on Facebook) were shopping buddies. For Kelly to have the “worst” experience while shopping was rare – especially when shopping for her favorite thing – clothes! This complaint wasn’t going to do much for this retail store’s reputation!

Social Media = Oh So Public Customer Complaints

Samantha knew this wasn’t an ordinary shopping trip. Kelly had finally landed a date with the guy of her dreams. She had recently lost a few pounds and nothing she owned looked good on her anymore. So she was out getting the perfect outfit so she could feel her best when the two (hopefully) made the move out of the friend zone.

Samantha quickly commented. She had to have the details – Where was the store? What did the salesperson do this time? The two were always complaining about how frustrating some associates could be.

Oh no! Did you get your new outfit at least?

Samantha was at work, or she would’ve been in the store with her friend Kelly. She kept her Facebook window discreetly open so she could be notified as soon as details came in. A few of their other friends had already added to the conversation, waiting to hear the story. Luckily, Samantha didn’t have to wait long. She clicked the little red notification symbol and read:

When I was halfway undressed, the attendant knocked on my door. If she could’ve only waited 30 seconds longer, I would’ve told her… I hated everything I tried on. NOTHING looked good on me!

This was the worst feeling. Samantha was in a new relationship too, and understood how frustrating it was not to be able to find something she felt really good wearing. With Kelly’s date only a few hours away, this was critical.

Worse yet, Samantha knew it wasn’t her friend’s fault. Kelly really was stunning! But sometimes the lighting and mirrors in the dressing room just didn’t do her justice.

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Why Customers Complain About Your Stores

Kelly’s rant continued in the next comment:

Then, I had to schlep all my clothes back on, head out onto the floor AGAIN to find a new outfit to try, and then go back into the fitting room!

“What’s wrong with these places,” Samantha muttered under her breath. The last time she and Kelly had shopped together – just yesterday – the store had a call button in the dressing room.

The two couldn’t get over how well that worked. They called the fitting room attendant a few times, and she had passed over new jeans until the two found just the right size and style.

Why didn’t more stores have those?

retail stores with call buttons improve their reputations with customers

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Samantha had got caught up with a work meeting, but finally it let out and she had a chance to reply.

I hope you didn’t buy anything there and went back to get the top we saw yesterday. I know it was a little expensive, but the woman who worked there was right – it’s gorgeous. I’m wearing mine today and I love it! You looked great in yours too!

Kelly instantly wrote back, knowing her friend understood exactly how frustrated she felt.

Yes! After trying on three different outfits (and having to put all my clothes back on each time), I left. I couldn’t take it anymore. On my way back to the other store now. Wish me luck!

Samantha smiled. She was sure that Kelly’s date would think she looked amazing tonight.

Has Your Store’s Reputation Taken a Hit?

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