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How Retail Store Technology Attracted New Talent

retail store technology

Another day, another dollar, Shelby thought as she clocked out for lunch.

This job was starting to wear on her. She always thought retail would be so much fun! She loved shopping. She loved fashion. So why wasn’t her work helping shoppers on the sales floor and in the fitting room more exciting?

Frustrations as a Retail Associate

When she accepted the job, she thought she was going to really enjoy it. She got to help women put together fun new outfits complete with accessories and shoes. This store had it all… except something didn’t feel quite right.

As she put on her coat to meet her friend Sarah at the coffee shop in the mall, she was relieved she’d have a fellow associate to commiserate with.

The two ordered some much-needed lattes and sandwiches. As they dug into their food, Shelby couldn’t take it anymore. She had to vent.

“I had the most frustrating morning!”

The Impact of a Lack of Systems & Technology

First, she was downright exhausted. Her morning started like every other one, with most of her time spent running from door to door checking on fitting room customers. She wouldn’t mind except all that work rarely paid off. Most of the time she heard, “no, I don’t need anything.”  She’d learned that door knocking as a fitting room service strategy is only about 2% effective, and she wasn’t surprised.

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Then, the rare times she had someone to take her up on her offer to help, they often didn’t stick around long enough to take her up on her offer.

No matter how fast she ran from the fitting room, onto the floor, and back again with a new size, color, or outfit, chances were she’d return to find the shopper leaving. No one liked waiting (not even her), so she couldn’t blame them.

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As she continued her frustrations, Sarah sat quietly. Suddenly, Shelby noticed she wasn’t giving her usual nods in agreement, so she had to ask, “What’s it like in your store?”

Sarah leaned forward like she had the best secret in the world to share.

“Things are totally the opposite. I’m actually loving working there!”

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Fitting Room Call Buttons to the Rescue

Sarah shared with Shelby that her store had recently installed fitting room call buttons. The team had also recently established a fitting room process to help customers.

“We never knock on doors. Instead, we wait for the customer to push the call button and talk directly to one of the associates on the floor. When they want to try on something else, we bring it right over to them. And since we know what they’re already trying on, we can bring over matching accessories.”

“Wow”, Shelby thought.. “She’s constantly getting to style women with the latest new trends!”

Sarah continued to share. True, the new call buttons had only been in place a couple of weeks, but so far she had not had a customer walk out and do the dreaded re-dress and leave. Her customers love using a call button because it means faster, better service.

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The store was doing so well with all the upsells and increased sales that they were expanding! This also meant they were hiring new sales associates.

Shelby had heard enough.

She rushed Sarah to finish up her sandwich and together they walked to the store arm in arm. She was ready to apply and this time, she’d get her dream job!

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