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How Much Luxury Can Be Behind a Doorbell?

In the days of yore, people defined luxury by marble fixtures, gold enhancements, and high-tech amenities. In those days, high tech meant easy access to a bedside button that instantly called for the maid or butler to show up at your beck and call.

Today, luxury feels a little bit different. It’s defined as fancy cars, opulent homes, and other types of high-tech amenities. The one thing that hasn’t changed is the expectation.

People who live in luxury expect quality service. These people demand individualized attention and help when they need it and where they need it. In a clothing store, this can mean having the same bedside button in a fitting room, so an associate is available at their beck and call.

On the surface, a doorbell doesn’t sound luxurious. Dig a little deeper and you’ll realize why it’s so in-demand in every shop from intimate boutiques to high-end department stores.

How Fitting Room Doorbells Provide Service On Demand

The interaction with the customer starts from the moment they walk through the door. A person greets the shopper at the door and instantly works to discover what they need. The associate asks questions and digs a little deeper to get to know the person in front of them. There’s a relationship built.

When it comes time for the shopper to go behind the privacy of closed doors in a fitting room, they’re typically left alone or feel vulnerable to the associate walking in mid-outfit change.

A doorbell changes that.

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The Alert Tech call button is personalized to each shopper. When they hit their button to ask for a different size, fit or color, they’re instantly connected to the same person who helped them when they first entered the store.

The shopper gets full privacy with individualized service on demand.

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It’s Technology Made Luxurious

You work hard to create a high-end image for your store. Your brand depends on it. You absolutely cannot skimp by having an unattractive button waiting for your customer in the fitting room.

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With an Alert Tech call button, you get the unique option of customizing its appearance.

Choose opulence to match your brand. If your store is filled with marble floors and fixtures, get a call button designed in marble. If you incorporate rich woods throughout your boutique, use maple for your call button material.

Make it feel glamorous to push the call button and beckon instant service by making it look appealing.

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How Can You Use a Doorbell to Offer White Glove Service?

Excellent customer service is a luxury in itself.

Today’s customers are accustomed to using technology in their day-to-day life. But these consumers still appreciate the old fashioned levels of service that used to be commonplace in the world of luxury living. When you incorporate it in your store to improve their shopping experience, you’re more likely to turn a fan into a loyal shopper.

To learn more about how to add a doorbell, or Alert Tech call to action button, to your store, contact us. Let our high-end service add a little more luxury to your already well-respected brand.

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